30 €- 200 €

This is when you just need a contact or a portfolio page. Nothing
complicated, a personal site just for you to showcase your work etc.

I will let you know the price + all the extra costs.
For example: You maybe want to showcase your artwork and let people know how to contact you.
Let’ say it’s 50 € ( + 15 € every year)

So basically, you pay 75 € once, and then 15 € once a year.

If the site idea is more complicated, we can find a price that works for both of us. The 15 € once a year is always the same.

 So when the site is finished, you will only pay 15 € once a year.

 I can show you how to make modifications in the site after it’s done. If
you want me to update the site as time goes by, I will need to tax you
for small amounts every time something needs to be changed.

200 €- 1000 €

This is for more complicated sites, like for a company or a business etc.

For example: You have just started your very first company, and now you need someone to take care of the website side. Maybe you have an idea in your head about how the site would look. Tell it to me, and I can give you a price.

More complicated / more time it takes to make the site, the more you pay. Again, the 15 € once a year is the same after the site is completed.
( In some cases, if the site stores customer data etc. the once a year price will be bigger, since you need a database to store the customer data securely etc. )

If you want me to take care of the site as time goes by, I will tax you for couple hours a month
( updating the site, making sure it’s secure, making sure everything works etc. )

Contact me, and we will figure something out!


1000 €- 3000 €

This is mostly for big companies who need a webstore etc.

The price ranges mostly from the amount of products you will need to have in your webshop, since adding the products to the store is what takes the most time.

I will give you a detailed guide on how to work around the control panel in your webstore after it’s finished. That’s just for you to live without my help, but of course I will be there if you want me to take care of the webstore.

Having a webstore also brings many responsibilities. You need to store customer data right, so you won’t get problems later.

Also these prices are only a example, every final price comes from communication between me and you.

So please, contact me before you start to plan out the budget.